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The Illuminati | The Worlds Worst Secret

Tall. Black. One Sugar

You know I am always fascinated about those who talk about the Illuminati. Who are these dudes? What influence do they have on the world? Why are so many people obsessed with from having them on watch to appearing to be vigilant on our behalf.

Without any embarassment I have previously bought into a number of theories attributed to them and the new world order. Whether previously in church or as a general discussion with others who really love conspiracy theories.  When I go to schools and colleges and deliver speaking and listening programmes to students this subject almost always rares its head. Whether it’s talk about the rampant symbolism from most of todays most popular music artists to conspiracy theories around the moon landing, presidents in the US to film, TV and almost all influential media. Some of the most prevalent images is that sparks these conversations are like the…

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